Sex Offender Registries TW: Abuse

Someone asked me once how I determined which topics to cover. I answered that I have all these topics in my mind but one at a time they move to my heart and I get really curious and passionate enough to research and teach — to sexplain. This is what happened with the registry. There wasn’t a personal experience or an audience question, it just shifted from my head to my heart and had to come out. At first I used the registry to understand it from a laypersons perspective. I was shocked that Bill Cosby was not on there so early I learned the list isn’t accurate. Then I spoke with a police detective, and two therapists who work with sex offenders. I used to work with sex offenders too but didn’t take that into account. What I gathered from these sources, and then all the studies I read online, is that sex offender registries, at least the public registries in the U.S. are not fair, don’t work right, and do incredible harm.


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