WEBINAR – A Different Approach to Sex Crimes: The Case for Survivor-Centered Restorative Justice

We need to have a different conversation about sexual violence and healing. This presentation will do that, going places some have never gone before. We make progress when we have difficult conversations. When it comes to sexual violence, it is important to address misconceptions that lead to stigmatization and negative stereotyping of those who commit the harm and those who…

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Citizens Against Proactive Stings (CAPS)

Police run ILLEGAL proactive stings where they are supposed to be looking for pedophiles. Yet each prosecution nets the state a lot of money. So instead of following the rules in the contract signed by each police division of ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children), they break the rules creating ‘criminals’ out of law abiding citizens. Video paid for by LadyJusticeMyth.Blog…

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