NEWS RELEASE: PARSOL Responds to May 23, 2023 SCOPA Hearing in Comm. v. Torsilieri

Media Relations Contact: John Dawe, PARSOL Communication Director – HARRISBURG, PA – The Pennsylvania Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws (PARSOL) strongly urges the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania to uphold Chester County Judge Allison Bell Royer’s finding in the case of Comm. v. George Torsilieri that Pennsylvania’s Megan’s Law Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA) is unconstitutional.  Royer…

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PARSOL’s Response to Hampton Township Petition; SVP Concerns

[Harrisburg, PA] The Pennsylvania Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws (PARSOL) believes all sexual abuse is unacceptable and that prevention, treatment, and healing are possible. We take a person-first approach to criminal justice reform that cultivates a fair and just society, honors an individual’s inherent dignity, and promotes respect and fairness. As such, we are compelled to weigh in on…

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WEBINAR – A Different Approach to Sex Crimes: The Case for Survivor-Centered Restorative Justice

We need to have a different conversation about sexual violence and healing. This presentation will do that, going places some have never gone before. We make progress when we have difficult conversations. When it comes to sexual violence, it is important to address misconceptions that lead to stigmatization and negative stereotyping of those who commit the harm and those who…

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