Brochures and Fact Cards

PARSOL takes great care to collect empiric data and peer-reviewed research to inform our stances on sexual offense policy.

Please find a collection of our some of our resources below. Consider downloading or printing a copy to send to your elected officials or sharing this information with contacts you have in the mental health or criminal justice arenas. It is up to each of us to challenge the long-held misconceptions about sexual offenses.

Recidivism Rates Fact Sheet 

General Fact Card

Fact Sheet on Prevention

Fact Sheet on Recidivism

PARSOL General Brochure 2021

PARSOL Legal Brochure 2021

SORNA Subchapter H: What You Need To Know if your crime occurred after 12/20/2012

SORNA Subchapter I: What You Need To Know if your crime occurred before 12/20/2012

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