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The number one question PARSOL has been receiving since the May 23, 2023 Torsilieri hearing is, “when will the Supreme Court make their decision”? I’m sure they already made their decision. The question to really ask is, “when will the Supreme Court publish their opinion”? It’s an excellent question with a frustrating answer. In short, the Court is not bound by time in coming out with their opinion.

Writing an opinion is a process, especially when many opinions are likely published. The Court has to decide which Justice will write for the majority and who will write for the minority. Some Justices might write their own opinion either siding with the majority (concurring), minority (dissenting), or both (concurring/dissenting). They will also pass their drafts around for additional thoughts, clarifications, and the opportunity for rebuttals. Also, keep in mind that they have opinions to write for other cases that were previously argued.

Torsilieri Closing Arguments Hearing

Our View: Torsilieri Closing Arguments

What’s Next?

When can we expect an opinion in round two of the Torsilieri case? It could be in a few weeks to six or more months. Don’t worry, we’ll be keeping a close eye on out for it.

Supreme Court of PA Torsilieri Original Hearing

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