About Us

The Pennsylvania Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws (PARSOL) believes all sexual abuse is unacceptable and that prevention, treatment, and healing are possible. We take a person-first approach to criminal justice reform that cultivates a fair and just society, honors inherent dignity, and promotes respect and fairness. People can and do change. As such, PARSOL advocates for sexual offense public safety measures and resources that work for all through prevention-based, treatment-informed, and healing-focused legislative and public policy initiatives that respect our Constitution and all people’s dignity.

PARSOL is also the Pennsylvania affiliate of the National Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws (NARSOL).

We collect empirical research from mental health professionals as well as opinions from those in the legal arena which demonstrate that

  • public sex offender registries are ineffective at reducing sexual offending
  • rates of recidivism are low (contrary to popular belief)
  • the majority of sexual offenses are committed by people who already have a relationship with their victim (as opposed to “stranger danger”)
That being said, the positions PARSOL advocates for include

  • a shift away from reactive measures and towards proactive policy aimed at prevention of sexual harm before it occurs
  • an end to dehumanizing public registries
  • expansion of restorative justice measures when appropriate

Public sex offender registries are ineffective:

Studies show that public registration policies are failing in their stated goal of keeping people safe from sexual victimization. Public registries create a false sense of security that something is being done about the threat of sexual harm, but the evidence does not support this belief. Rates of sexual crimes have not decreased as registries have ballooned. The isolation and stigma placed on those on the registry may actually increase their likelihood of reoffending by negatively impacting so many areas of their lives including their family, housing, and occupation.

It is the position of both PARSOL and the Supreme Court of PA that public registries are punitive in nature. They bear close resemblance to historical shaming practices and thereby violate the United States constitutional right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment. Importantly, Pennsylvania’s public registry also infringes upon the Right to Reputation as guaranteed in the Pennsylvania Constitution.

Prevention of sexual abuse must come from proactive measures:

The good-faith laws passed by our state legislature have resulted in unwarranted punishment and isolation of individuals who have served their sentences, are trying to reintegrate into society, and have been shown to have low rates of recidivism.

The limited resources of the Commonwealth should be redirected away from the maintenance of ineffective and reactive policies such as public registration. Our efforts must instead focus on collaborative public health prevention measures that address individual, interpersonal, and environmental factors which impact the prevalence of sexual abuse.

proactive public health approach to the problem of sexual abuse needs to include:

  • surveillance,
  • identification of risk and protective factors,
  • and development and implementation of interventions.

By supporting measures that have been demonstrated to prevent sexual harm, leaders in our community will exhibit that they are informed by facts, fiscally responsible, and that they prioritize public safety. When we can find this balance and enact rational sexual offense laws, we will achieve our common goal: a PA safe and just for all.

Please note that PARSOL does not condone any form of non-consensual sex. People who commit sexual crimes should be prosecuted, and that procedure should be Constitutional, fair, and consistent with the legitimate best interests of all Pennsylvanians. Once an individual has completed his or her criminal sentence, his or her debt to society should be considered as paid and no law, whether criminal or civil in nature, should prolong or add to that sentence. 

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