Preventing Child Sexual Abuse Before It Begins

Our work at the Moore Center for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse addresses many different aspects of child sexual abuse. Priority focus areas include:

  • Assessing the state of prevention activities and resources at the federal level and developing policy recommendations to align those resources with best prevention practices
  • Developing and testing primary prevention programs that target potential victims, potential perpetrators, parents and other adult caregivers, and bystanders
  • Empirically evaluating the effects of current sex crime policies.

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One Thought to “Preventing Child Sexual Abuse Before It Begins”

  1. Jonathan Lee

    As far as child porn offenses, i think it can be easy to protect children.. Since authorities are watching the web and have resources to spread the message to potential offenders that they need help. This can be done in many ways. Authorities upload and download images and videos to catch potential offenders. A pornographic image or video can be disguised and have a posted warning that they are being monitored by authorities. There can be warnings sent out. Most of the time, images and videos are downloaded in bulk and the user doesn’t always know the content until it is opened. Also, with file sharing software, images and videos get downloaded and shared quickly. Fill the web with these the same time, go after the sources of videos and images. This could slow and potentially stop the spread of child pornography. Too many resources are spent on the punishment of offenders. If the goal is public safety, the focus needs to be on prevention. The focus on catching offenders is reactive and the abuse has already happened. Therefore, they’re protecting nobody.

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