RESCINDED: No Job for You!

When hiring employees, companies often strive to build a workforce that reflects their values, promotes diversity, and supports community integration. One often-overlooked demographic in the hiring process is re-entering citizens, particularly those with a history of sex offenses. While this may raise concerns for some, it’s essential to consider the merits of providing second chances to individuals who have served…

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PA House Hearing Experts: Residency Restrictions Don’t Work

Back in March, we asked PARSOL Advocates supporters to take action and write to the House Judiciary Committee chairman about HB77. Today, the Committee held a public hearing on the merits of residency restrictions for some people forced to register under Pennsylvania’s ‘Megan’s Law’ (SORNA).  The emails worked.  Rather than not hold a hearing (our original ask), Chairman Timothy Briggs…

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Reflections from NARSOL 2023

I was able to attend the 15th annual national conference of NARSOL June 22-25 in Houston.  It was last minute and I hesitated because I haven’t flown in about 25 years.  But, I put that aside because PARSOL asked and I wanted to represent them and network with others in order to better serve registrants.   The speakers were a wealth…

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PARSOL’s Public Comment to the United States Sentencing Commission

During her confirmation hearings, now Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson and former vice-chair of the USSC commission said, reflecting the Commission’s stance on sexual offenses and sentencing: The statute doesn’t say, “Look only at the guidelines and stop.”The statute doesn’t say, “Impose the highest possible penalty for this sickening and egregious crime.”The statute says, “Calculate the guidelines, but also…

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Are the Courts the New Galileo?

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court (SCOPA) heard oral arguments in Commonwealth v. Torsilieri on May 23, 2023. I don’t think the arguments were all too exciting. However, several interesting issues were made such as at what recidivism rate the General Assembly considers to be “high risk”, whether the irrebuttable presumption test is useful anymore, whether  “not universally true” an accurate benchmark…

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