Statute of Limitation Laws have a purpose

What happens when you suspend legal precedent and standing rules? Destruction and loss. Today, we’re looking at the suspension of certain statute of limitations laws in New Jersey, as Pennsylvania has similar pending legislation under consideration in the Pennsylvania Senate. The Cadets Drum & Bugle Corps Shuts Down due to 40-Year Old Allegation Participants, family members, alumni, and supporters of…

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Scammers Getting Bold

Guest Blog Post by C.M. A scam. An elaborate ruse orchestrated to prey on my fears and vulnerabilities. That’s all this was. But in reality, it was so much more. I live my life in constant fear of “screwing up.” A big part of me questioned the validity of the scenario from the beginning, yet amidst the chaos and confusion,…

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Keeping Hope Alive: Applying for Pardons in Pennsylvania

Keep Hope Alive Sign

Today, the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons has over 2,400 applications it is processing thanks to the efforts of the Philadelphia Lawyers for Social Equity’s state-wide initiative, the “Pardon Project,” and others like it. Before these efforts were made, the board only handled around 400 +/- a year. Even with those lower numbers, the recent administration still had pardons sitting on…

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Scams Against PA Megan’s Law Registrants You Need to Know About

Getting a phone call from someone identifying themselves as a law enforcement officer with the “Pennsylvania Megan’s Law” office informing you of an “issue” with your registration and getting some sort of threat is a terrifying experience. Most people forced to register are doing their best to comply with the PA SORNA Registry. Data from the Pennsylvania State Police shows…

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The Prohibition Act and Megan’s Law: Assessing Policy Failures

Milton Friedman’s insightful quote, “One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results,” provides a critical lens through which we can examine the failures of policies such as the Prohibition Act of 1920 and Megan’s Law. To remedy the mistake of evaluating policies solely based on intentions, a shift in focus…

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