UPDATED: PA State Police issues Scam Warning to Megan’s Law PFRs

The Pennsylvania State Police, Megan’s Law Section, is aware of an increasing amount of reported phone scams. The caller is claiming to be a law enforcement officer and demands payment in exchange for not being arrested on sex offender charges. Please be aware these scam calls may look and sound legitimate. Your caller ID may even appear to show the call is coming from a police department. However, these calls are in fact scams.

Neither the Pennsylvania State Police, nor your local police department, will call or otherwise contact you requesting money related to your sexual offender registration. Pennsylvania’s Megan’s Law Section does not solicit payments of any kind or assess fines for non-compliance. If the Pennsylvania State Police, or your local police department, has business with you regarding compliance with your sexual offender registration, you may be contacted in-person or via telephone. However, no money will be requested or collected.

If you receive a similar phone call as described above, please consider contacting your local police department to file a report.

A copy of the letter dated November 15, 2022 follows:

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John Dawe, MNA, CNP, RCP is Managing Director at PARSOL where he uses his personal experience as a person who is both a victim and perpetrator of sexual offenses to help others live healthy and productive lives. He is is a professional writer, a credentialed recovery coach/case manager, and fan of treatment as prevention. He has a Masters in Nonprofit Administration is a Certified Nonprofit Professional with additional graduate certificates in leadership, governance, and fundraising.

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