RESCINDED: No Job for You!

When hiring employees, companies often strive to build a workforce that reflects their values, promotes diversity, and supports community integration. One often-overlooked demographic in the hiring process is re-entering citizens, particularly those with a history of sex offenses. While this may raise concerns for some, it’s essential to consider the merits of providing second chances to individuals who have served…

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Reflections from NARSOL 2023

I was able to attend the 15th annual national conference of NARSOL June 22-25 in Houston.  It was last minute and I hesitated because I haven’t flown in about 25 years.  But, I put that aside because PARSOL asked and I wanted to represent them and network with others in order to better serve registrants.   The speakers were a wealth…

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PA’s Task Force on Child Pornography Report Confirms our Beliefs

The Pennsylvania General Assembly passed Act 53 of 2021 on June 30, 2021. Act 53 did two things: It enhanced the sentencing penalty on child pornography; and It established the Task Force on Child Pornography (TFCP).  The Task Force’s Recommendations The TFCP was comprised of legislators, law enforcement officers, prosecutors, victim advocates, and psychologists. Together, they examined the sentencing of…

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Collateral Consequences: An Exercise in PFR Disenfranchisement

I recently penned an essay on felony voting disenfranchisement at the request of an incarcerated friend who needed assistance with a Villanova University application question.  As I concluded my composition, I could not help but ponder the countless instances in which PFRs are disenfranchised absent any legitimate government interest or reasonable general risk.  As such, the promise of equal protection…

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How to Use Person-First Language in the RSOL Movement

PARSOL receives letters and phone calls from people who are on the registry and those facing being placed on the registry.  Often these letters and phone calls include statements like, “I am a sex offender,” “My daughter is a sex offender,” “My husband is a sex offender.” News articles, legislative documents, legal documents, and even professional journal articles refer to…

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