Call to Action: PA Senate announces new Judiciary Committee Members

Hello, supporters, and Happy New Year. We need your help.

2023 brings us a new 2-year Legislative Session and, with it, a fresh list of Members for all Committees.

Here at PARSOL, we are particularly attune to the composition of the Judiciary Committees, where most laws affecting sexual offense policy must first pass before moving on to the House or Senate Floor for a full vote.

This Session, the Senate Judiciary Committee has 9 Majority Members (Republican) and 5 Minority Members (Democrat). We need your help with educating them on the failures of the Registry. Please have a look at the list of Senators below

Baker, Lisa (Chair)
Bartolotta, Camera
Brown, Rosemary M.
Dush, Cris
Langerholc, Wayne, Jr.
Pennycuick, Tracy
Regan, Mike
Ward, Kim L.
Yaw, Gene

Santasiero, Steven (Minority Chair)
Cappelletti, Amanda M.
Collett, Maria
Haywood, Art
Saval, Nikil

We need volunteers, especially constituents, to join our lobbying efforts this year. If you recognize any of these names as your PA State Senator, please contact us today at .

If you do not know who your PA State Senator is, please click here and use this easy tool to find out.

Your involvement is crucial as we approach the decision in Torsilieri, by far the most important Court decision that our movement has ever seen. Now is the time to take action. The degree to which you are involved is up to you – we have a need for social media outreach, letter writing, phone calls, virtual meetings, and in-person lobbying. All of the above will be a team effort and you will receive training and guidance.

Please send an email today if you are ready to pitch in or if you have any questions.

For more on the Senate Judiciary Committe, visit this page:

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