Citizens Against Proactive Stings (CAPS)

Police run ILLEGAL proactive stings where they are supposed to be looking for pedophiles. Yet each prosecution nets the state a lot of money. So instead of following the rules in the contract signed by each police division of ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children), they break the rules creating ‘criminals’ out of law abiding citizens.

Video paid for by LadyJusticeMyth.Blog and CAPS

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2 Thoughts to “Citizens Against Proactive Stings (CAPS)”

  1. Phil

    Similar thing happened to me.

    Not the same story as depicted, I did not communicate with anyone, but they set the bait and wait for anyone to grab it even if you have NO IDEA what the bait even is.

    Because of advancements in technology… EVERYONE is at risk of becoming a felon… EVERYONE. NO experience required. Just a computer and internet connection.

  2. Entrapped

    My son was caught up in a Florida sex sting in 2011. The ad posted on an adult section of Craigslist looked like two adults but they did a bait and switch. We lost at trial. Our attorney had never done a sex sting case, and we were not knowledgeable about the law. It has been many years of fighting, and we learned a lot. We found a good lawyer who has tried to clean up the mess. I have learned from what I can see is that the police are not the only ones who are corrupt but the courts are too. My son’s case is clearly entrapment as a matter of law and the judge just turned his head and pushed it on to trial or else take two felony pleas.
    When the ICAC officer took the stand (under oath) and was asked by the prosecutor, “are the police allowed to bend and break the rules and even violate the laws of the state of Florida to catch a criminal” the officer answered “yes”. My son was no criminal. The officer was the aggressor and pushed my son into going. My son said, “Maybe tomorrow”. The ICAC officer said, “Oh well you sux!!! Why tomorrow”. The ICAC officer was the initiator, willing participant, aggressor, or provoker of the incident. We are still fighting to this day. However, Florida will not listen. Although it is hard, I am now speaking out.

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