When the most powerful lobbyist in Florida discovers that the nanny has sexually abused his daughter, he harnesses his extraordinary political power to pass the toughest sex offender laws in the nation. UNTOUCHABLE chronicles his crusade, and its impact on the lives of several of the 800,000 people forced to live under the kinds of laws he has championed. The…

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Attorney Aaron Marcus on the 2017 Muniz decision

https://narsol.org/av/2017/NIA-17-8-2.mp3 Last month’s NARSOL in Action focused on a great victory in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. The Court declared that SORNA’s registration provisions constitute punishment under Article 1, Section 17 of the Pennsylvania Constitution — Pennsylvania’s Ex Post Facto Clause. The Court held: SORNA’s registration provisions constitute punishment notwithstanding the General Assembly’s identification of the provisions as non-punitive retroactive application…

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