Support Group Directory Survey

Support Group Survey

Tell us about your meetings

Please indicate the following information for EACH meeting.

1. When are your meetings scheduled?

2. Are they in-person or Zoom? If Zoom how does one obtain the login info? – feel free to list a website address or email address for contact, OR list the login information if you want people to be able to request it from the directory.

3. Are participants required to accept any terms or rules before joining? Please include a link or email these to

4. Restrictions (ex. in-state only, PFR only, non-PFR family members only.)

5. Is this a Fearless (12-step/12-tradition inspired meeting), a General Support Group, or other?

6. Is the meeting facilitated by someone with special training (such as a therapist or trained counselor), from a group of rotating trusted servants, or other (please describe).

Please feel free to include any relevant info.

Do you want us to send this information to the NARSOL Support Group Directory, too?

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