So, you’ve been arrested

If you’ve recently been arrested or charged with a crime, you’ll likely be dealng with a lot of uncertainty and anxiety. If the crime is a sexual offense, the road ahead may seem like a disaster that you will never recover from.

Rest assured, there is life for you to enjoy today and for years ahead. This, too, shall pass.

In an effort to support you during a confusing and difficult time, PARSOL would like to share some information about what you might expect before, during, and after being charged with a crime.

We will start with the basics. What are the steps one must take through the criminal justice system? Please have a look at this article from one of our allies, Recovery Behind Bars.

The Stages of Legal Consequences

Finding a Good Attorney

PARSOL does not provide legal counsel. What we will do is provide you this list of questions to ask when seeking an attorney.

  • Have you represented clients who have been accused of sex crimes?
  • What are some outcomes of those cases?
  • Do you have significant experience in the jurisdiction that I am to appear? (county, federal, etc.)
  • Do you feel you have enough bandwidth to give my case reasonable attention, including walking me and my family through each step of the process?
  • Are you able to meet every few weeks as we move through the process for updates and questions?
  • Will others in your firm or other attorneys be working with you on my case?
  • What fees will you charge and what do they include? Arraignment to Sentencing? SORNA/Megan’s Law hearing? Parole applications?
  • Should I become incarcerated, how will I contact you? Will you come meet me in jail? What security/privacy concerns should I have?

If you are an attorney who wishes to purchase a listing in our legal resource directory, please email

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