Judiciary Committees

A Committee is typically the first stop in a bill's lifespan. For proposed changes or additions to PA state sexual offense laws, the Judiciary Committee will be the first body to examine the bill.
While many bills get referred to a Committee, not all of them are considered and given a chance to receive a vote. The Chair of the Committee ,one person, has total authority to decide which bills will be voted on and which will languish on the shelf, never to proceed any further.
Bills introduced by a Member of the PA House begin in the House Judiciary Committee. Conversely, PA Senate bills begin in the Senate Judiciary Committee.
It is important to contact these Members, in particular the Chair, to let them know the research surrounding sex offenses, recidivism, and prevention. Ideally, they will advance proposals which are backed by evidence, and pass over bills which do not serve the public interest.
Consider reaching out to any or all of these Committee Members when a bill concerning sexual offenses has been referred to the Jud. Committee. Tweets and emails help, but phone calls and physical letters are more impactful. Feel free to download and modify our template by clicking here.
If you would like to set up a meeting with your PA Representative or Senator, you can contact randall@parsol.org and we will help you do just that.

Remember: your concerns are valid and these Legislators work for you.

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