In-person registration in PA has been suspended.  See below. This is from the PA Megan’s Law Website: ***INFORMATION REGARDING REGISTRATIONS DURING THE COVID-19 EMERGENCY*** Due to the COVID-19 Emergency in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in-person reporting is being temporarily suspended. In order to allow registrants to remain compliant with registration requirements and to expedite the processing of information, only residential,…

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Legal Update, 3-30-2020

PARSOL Responds to Comm v. Butler Decision   “Although we at PARSOL are disappointed in the results of the PA Supreme Court’s decision in Commonwealth v. Butler, which was a 7-0 unanimous decision to separate SVP’s from non-SVPs regarding registry requirements and asserting that PA.’s SORNA statute is not punishment because of the Commonwealth’s interest in protecting the public from…

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Attorney Aaron Marcus on the 2017 Muniz decision

https://narsol.org/av/2017/NIA-17-8-2.mp3 Last month’s NARSOL in Action focused on a great victory in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. The Court declared that SORNA’s registration provisions constitute punishment under Article 1, Section 17 of the Pennsylvania Constitution — Pennsylvania’s Ex Post Facto Clause. The Court held: SORNA’s registration provisions constitute punishment notwithstanding the General Assembly’s identification of the provisions as non-punitive retroactive application…

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