Newsletter #2, February 2021

Greetings to our supporters around the Commonwealth. I hope that the winter has treated you well and that you are enjoying the passing of the seasons. It has been six months since we last sent a Newsletter. During that time, we at PARSOL have seen encouraging expansion and have continued to do our best to advance our Mission: A PA…

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Legal challenge to strike down PA’s Registry given a green light

Commonwealth v. Torsilieri Update 1/15/21 The fate of the public sex offender registry in PA will be determined sometime this year or next. Either defendant Torsilieri’s challenge will again reach the Supreme Court of PA, or the Commonwealth will be able to convince lower judges of their argument. (For a history of this momentous case and its significant delay, please…

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A good idea gone bad: How the PA Senate sabotaged the sexual abuse prevention plan

By Randall Hayes In September 2019, the increasingly prevalent and in-demand problem of online images of child sexual abuse (CSA) or “child pornography” rocked the Senate of Pennsylvania in a big way. The influential Chairman of the State Government Committee, Senator Mike Folmer, was arrested and charged with possession of child pornography after uploading an image of an underage female…

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