PARSOL Team Educates Legislators Including New ALI Model

The Legislative Committee of PARSOL is based in Harrisburg but is active across the entire Commonwealth. It is dedicated to forming relationships with our elected officials and tracking bills that affect sexual offense policy. PARSOL’s sexual offense policy interests include:  Proactive measures such as education and identifying effective interventions aimed at preventing abuse. Criminal Justice Reform (CJR) efforts that might…

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How to Use Person-First Language in the RSOL Movement

PARSOL receives letters and phone calls from people who are on the registry and those facing being placed on the registry.  Often these letters and phone calls include statements like, “I am a sex offender,” “My daughter is a sex offender,” “My husband is a sex offender.” News articles, legislative documents, legal documents, and even professional journal articles refer to…

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Attorneys Challenge Chester County Decision; What Happens Now?

The Pennsylvania Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws (PARSOL) has learned that attorneys for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania filed a notice of appeal to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania (SCOPA) in the case Commonwealth v. Torsilieri. The appeal docket number is 97 MAP 2022. But didn’t SCOPA already send this for review? That’s correct. In June 2020, SCOPA remanded the…

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