The Costs of Maintaining PA’s Sex Offender Registry

***Updated for 2021
It may be impossible to tally the true costs of PA’s sex offender registry.

Please see our letter to the Legislature about the monetary and personpower costs associated with compliance with federal standards for sex offender notification and registration.


PDF of our outreach to Members.


The letter is formatted for the general public to utilize. If you have concerns about the public sex offender registry, we encourage you to either download and attach the document to an e-mail or print out and send a physical copy to your state Senator and Representative. Use our “Find your Legislator” link under the resources tab.

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One Thought to “The Costs of Maintaining PA’s Sex Offender Registry”

  1. Timothy D.A. Lawver

    The hidden costs of compelling human subservience by law are indeed exponentially expanding. The sex offender regime cracked open the door to the threats we see developing in Congress against big tech antitrust concerns. If a state can insist on plain indenture of human to electronic property maintenance as merely ” civil & collateral ” the a more powerful federal may have no limit at all with respect to either individual sovereignty nor individual liberty.

    Resistance is futile you MUST comply with the insatiable need for data to feed the machines.

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